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Expert nutrition advice and recommendations are key to achieving and sustaining your wellness and fitness goals. Our nutrition services provide personalized and professional guidance, giving you the tools and education to better nourish your body.

Personal Nutrition One-on-One

A 45-minute nutrition assessment to review your needs and develop a personalized program depending on your body, your needs, and your lifestyle to ensure your success!

Nutrition Follow-up

30-minute sessions to review your progress and goals.

Coming Soon

Meal Planning, One on One Shopping Tours, Home Pantry Makeovers, Personal Grocery Shopping Tours, Lunch & Learns, Cooking Demos and More!

Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

This 15-minute session is an opportunity for you to discuss your nutritional goals and review our additional nutritional service offerings, personally designed to help you reach your goals. This complimentary session is offered to Premier Members only.

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