Due to COVID-19 safety measures, reservations are required for all group fitness classes and to use the lap pool. To schedule your upcoming workout, click on the “reserve your workout” box below. Please note that reservation windows open 3 days in advance.

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The Premier Promise.

Safety Protocols

The Premier Health & Fitness Center team is working diligently to help ensure a safe environment in any way that we can. Exercise is medicine. Here’s what we’re doing to help you meet your daily exercise recommendation:

Screenings – We require all staff to complete a brief screening process upon entering the facility. This includes temperature checks and reviewing and answering the COVID-19 signs/symptoms questions – allowing those that are symptom-free to enter, and encouraging others to stay home if they are not feeling well.

Social Distancing – From our group fitness classes to our pools to our fitness equipment, we have allowed for at least six feet of space around you while you are working out.

Masks – We continue to abide by the Leon County Mask Ordinance that states that masks are required in all buildings, except while actively exercising and maintaining social distance. We remind people to wear their masks in the lobby, the locker rooms, the stairs, the walkways, the restrooms and all other areas of the facility except while exercising apart from others.

Cleanliness – Premier staff and members have gone above and beyond in keeping the facility clean. We provide members with cleaning stations at every piece of equipment so that areas may be cleaned before and after use. We’ve also increased the amount of gym wipes, trash cans, and hand sanitizer in the facility. Premier staff are circulating constantly to clean each section several times a day. We have spaced our group fitness classes to allow for cleaning after each class.

Air Circulation – With over 55,000 square feet and an impressive air conditioning system, Premier brings in over 2500 ft3 of outside air per minute. That’s a lot of fresh air! Our air conditioning units are regularly maintained so not only are you getting nice clean air but it’s a great way to beat the heat.

Virtual Offerings – For those at high risk or still not comfortable leaving the house we have virtual options in place for you as well. Prerecorded group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training sessions are all available in a virtual format giving you an at-home option for days where you might not feel like leaving the house.

Exercise is Good for Your Health – Research shows that regular exercise and healthy eating are vital to a strong immune system.

Your health and safety are our top priorities. With these precautions in place we feel confident you can have a safe, enjoyable workout here without feeling like you are compromising your safety.

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