Premier Member Highlight – Larry Gordon

Premier Member Highlight – Larry Gordon

by Juliana Rodriguez | date February 28, 2020

One year ago, Larry Gordon was 310lbs and at risk of heart failure. He had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and limited mobility. He was even a candidate for a knee replacement, largely due to his weight. Larry’s doctor told him that if he didn’t change his lifestyle, he would likely have a heart attack and possibly die. Larry did not take this news lightly. In fact, he decided to completely turn his life around and ended up saving himself. This is his story.

After receiving such ominous news from his doctor, Larry did some research. He decided that he would start his transformation by radically changing his diet. He stopped eating meat, dairy, highly processed foods, and all oils and switched to a very strict whole food plant-based diet. With dieting alone, Larry lost a steady 20lbs a month for 5 months. He attributes most of his success to his whole food plant-based diet and claims to feel phenomenal – better than ever, even. Larry admits that in the past, he used to laugh at the idea of veganism; now he claims that his diet, along with exercise, has saved his life.

During those first few months of dieting, Larry was too embarrassed by his weight to work out in a public space. It wasn’t until he lost 80lbs that he started attending Premier Health and Fitness Center, where the next phase of transformation happened. He started taking spin classes regularly and doing his own cardio and weight training. Larry has some background knowledge in sports medicine and so he was able to largely guide himself through his fitness journey. He says that he often relied on support from his community to keep up with his diet and exercise and is very thankful for online communities like Facebook groups.

Today, 64 year old Larry Gordon stands proud and honestly, glowing, at 182lbs. He has a healthy blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels. He is no longer a candidate for knee surgery or heart failure. He doesn’t even take any medications or shots. His success comes entirely from diet and exercise. Larry’s doctors can barely believe the transformation he has made. To hear Larry talk about his health and fitness journey is truly an emotional and inspiring experience. When asked what he would say to others looking for some inspiration, he said it is important to remember that success happens with small, gradual changes and “the only person who can cheat you out of success is you”. He also cautions that “if you are not prepping for success, you are planning for failure”.

With a delighted tone and emotional eyes, Larry admits that he is now able to get off of his recliner and actively play with his grandchildren. He is excited for the opportunity to watch them grow as he feels he has turned back his aging clock by 20 years. You can catch Larry Gordon regularly working out at Premier Health and Fitness Center. He said he would be happy to share some helpful literature, general information, and inspiration with anyone who may be looking to turn their life around like he has.

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